The game is fully made by me, hadn't really done  3d games so I decided to challenge myself and try making one. 

Slowly realizing with school and work on the side that its a bit too much of work for one person, had fun making it though! :D

It has quite a bit issues with a few things like colliders missing/being on a bit weird spots.


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i loved the atmosphere! and the fixed camera that changes with the scenes reminded me of resident evil, really cool! added a lot to the surroundings and overall feel of the game. I got a little confused at first on how the movement works/what to do, but i figured it out pretty fast and even with the wasted time i still had enough to finish the game. even if the ending wasnt implemented, it was really fun, good job!



thank you very much for taking your time playing and commenting! :) 


Had problems uploading the last update to the game before uploading closed, but here is the version of the game that was suppose to be uploaded in case someone wanted to see the end. :)